Supply Chain Visibility Solution with Netlog platform!

Netlog™ is a collaborative Supply Chain Visibility solution that enables Logistics Service Providers (LSP) to share real-time supply chain information with their customers, partners and service providers. Netlog™ tracks inventory flow, updates transactions and generates a centralized and unified view over the entire Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Visibility Netlog Diagram

Supply Chain interactions

Netlog™ is designed as an information enabling platform focusing on two main challenges – Gathering the information through Smart Agents and turning extracted information into collaborative knowledge through a rich centralized application. To achieve this, Netlog™ provides the following integration toolsets:

Comprehensive Data Integration Tools

The Netlog™ Data Integration layer is a messaging oriented platform that enables data exchange between the Netlog™ server and the participants of any given Supply Chain Scenario. Smart Software Agents and Mapping Services are used to manage a bidirectional flow of inventory and transactional information. These Agents enable the collection of information from various sources by implementing a wide range of Application Adapters (such as mySAP, Oracle Applications and custom legacy systems), Technology Adapters (such as RosettaNet, EDI, File, FTP, HTTP, MSMQ and many more) and even User defined Web Forms that can be used to collect information from partners and suppliers that do not have a system (all they need is a connected Web Browser).

Business Process ModelerThe process modeling layer provides an advanced graphical process modeler that allows business users to define and model customer specific processes. Each process contains a flow of events, metrics and standards and reporting milestones. The Netlog events engine is hooked up to the customers’ processes through the definitions of the process model. Each model may use existing triggers for alerts generation or define local-process triggers.

Customer processes across the supply chain - diagram

Supply Chain Visibility Portal

The Netlog Supply Chain Portal is the user access gate to all logistics information in the system. The portal generates a birds-eye view that allows users to monitor execution alerts, drill down to the transaction level, generate ad-hoc reports and track fulfillment. The supply chain portal delivers rich graphical displays of information, allowing for quick comprehension of complex operational situations. Users can easily grasp the nature and context around exceptions and alerts, as well as their impact on subsequent, dependent process steps.

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