Dynamic Route Planning – More Deliveries with Fewer Trucks at Lower Costs

RoutingExpert™ is a powerful tactical route planning solution that will help you optimize your distribution costs and provide better customer service by building and scheduling more efficient routes. Using advanced routing algorithms with an unlimited flexible user defined business constraint rules; you can plan routes faster, find the right balance between your profit and customer service level, thus maximizing the return on investment in your transportation resources.

Made4net’s Dynamic Route Planning engine uses weight calculation of target functions such as: minimum cost, maximum service level, minimum resources (trucks/trailers), along with advanced mapping tools. This enables a flexible planning mechanism which produces various results based on the pre-determined scores and configured business constraints.

Key Features

  • Integration with geographical tools (maps) and into RTLS (real time location systems)
  • Uses integrated fleets for multi-site scheduling
  • Based on user defined weighted rules
  • Calculates Actual VS. Planned
  • Fine-tunes the planned routes based on real time location and actual results
  • Delivers National/Regional/Street level planning and scheduling


  • Increase customer service level
  • Save 5%-20% of your transportation costs (fuel, labor, # of trucks)
  • Optimize your distribution resources
  • Go Green – reduce carbon footprint

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