Manage efficiently your container yard operations, from Port to Distribution Centre with Container Freight Station module.

Container Freight Station module ContainerExpert™ is Made4net’s answer to the challenge of container freight management as part of the Supply Chain, to provide visibility for inventory from the port of arrival to the distribution center. The wider the Supply Chain offerings become, the greater the value will be for companies who outsource their logistics into the hands of 3PL and other service providers. With the Container Freight Station Management solution, importers and/or 3PL companies can manage their own and/or their client’s inventory with much more efficiency, greater visibility and control from the entrance to the port/station, through the yard, and through the delivery of the goods to the relevant distribution center. The ContainerExpert™ is part of the SCExpert Suite and allows mainly 3PL to efficiently supply an end to end visibility and management solution for their customer’s inventory at any level, any time. 

Key Functionality:

  • Status based Management of inventory at each operational level, once it is received in the port, and until it arrives to the DC
  • The natural integration to the BillingExpert module drives 3PL companies to accurately bill their clients for container management, movement and transportation within the managed supply chain
  • Manage the containers in the station’s yard, optimizing movement tasks based on various operational and business factors
  • Container freight management based on flexible dynamic attributes such as Lot, Serial, and more, in addition to standard container number and SKU based control
  • Complete Audit trail on every container in the station and throughout the chain to allow importers information for improving their importing costs

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