Our solutions allow “Single Platform” approach to all your warehousing and transport

management needs!

Warehouse Management

Automate your warehouse operations with a powerful WMS solution utilizing barcodes, voice and configurable business rules to utilize labor.

Dynamic Route Planning

Optimize your distribution resources. Dynamically plan daily routes and save fuel and driver overtime.

Delivery Management

Enable real time electronic signature on Proof of Delivery of orders and packages to your customers. Integrated street to street navigation and accurate time and geographical time stamps.

Transport Management

TransportExpert™ is a transportation resource-scheduling tool that allows the optimal and flexible assignment of Tractor, Trailer, and Driver schedules for a given dispatching scenario.

Yard Management

Schedule appointments and assign docks to inbound and outbound shipments. Gain visibility to yard resources and associated inventory.

Container Yard Management

ContainerExpert™ is Made4net’s answer to the challenge of container freight management as part of the Supply Chain, to provide visibility for inventory from the port of arrival to the distribution center.

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