SCExpert ONE – Robust Supply Chain Solution for SAP Business One

SCExpert ONE is an innovative Warehouse Management System for medium size companies using SAP Business One, that need more than just bin location and basic inventory management in order to properly run the warehouse operation.
SCExpert WMS for SAP B1 is seamlessly integrated into SAP Business One using SAP’s DI SDK, allowing for a smooth, rapid and risk-less implementation and being certified by SAP .
This unique Warehouse Management Software offers extensive facility management from a single to multiple warehouse operations, while empowering SAP Business One with the capabilities of tier 1 supply chain solutions. SCExpert WMS will optimize warehouse space, stock rotation as well as inventory accuracy, and insure that service level is constantly met.
With the support of RF barcode scanning and Voice recognition technology, warehouses can easily pick, pack and supply customers demand, assuring accuracy and high level order fulfillment. Various pick methods, enable the flexibility required in a warehouse to answer customers ever-changing requirements, at the same time increasing efficiency by improving labor utilization.

Additional WarehouseExpert Features:

Inbound activities to include:

  • Dynamic/User defined Product Attributes (Lot, Expiration Date, Serial, Size/Color)
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Receiving (ASN, Blind, Batch)
  • Quality Control
  • Putaway / Slotting
  • Cross Dock – Flow Through and Transshipments

Inventory Control:

  • LPN – License Plate Numbers
  • Replenishment – batch and real time/on demand
  • Cycle counting and inventory control
  • Value Added Services and Kitting
  • Status control

Outbound activities to include:

  • Order Processing
  • Shipment and Wave processing
  • Cartonization, Packing, Staging
  • Loading and dock management
  • Shipping documentation
  • Task interleaving
  • RF/Wireless support of all warehouse activities
  • Voice driven activities
  • Dynamic Route Planning

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