Leverage your Warehouse with Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is becoming a market leading ERP for businesses of all sizes. While managing both the financial and administrative as well as the operational dimensions of your business, Microsoft Dynamics needs a powerful tool to support the automation of large complex distribution operations, this is where Made4net SCE for Microsoft Dynamics comes into play, delivering powerful features, robust functionality and agility.

Gain better visibility of the fulfillment processes and control of warehouse resources. Lower operational costs by utilizing equipment, storage space and warehouse associates who are driven by an RF/wireless robust task management engine. Build and optimize routes to achieve savings on distribution resources and transportation costs. Use SCExpert WMS for Microsoft Dynamics as a tactical tool that will support optimizing your fleet mix, while responding to dynamic constraints such as traffic, customer real time orders and order adjustments.

Our Warehouse Management for Microsoft Dynamics has out of the box functionality to support various industries such as retailers, FMCG, food and beverage, distributors and manufacturers. A configurable and flexible business rule engine, is what simplifies the implementation of this solution in an operational environment, while maintaining a tight integration to the Microsoft Dynamics inventory and financial modules.

Additional WarehouseExpert Features:

Inbound activities to include:

  • Dynamic/User defined Product Attributes (Lot, Expiration Date, Serial, Size/Color)
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Receiving (ASN, Blind, Batch)
  • Quality Control
  • Putaway / Slotting
  • Cross Dock – Flow Through and Transshipments

Inventory Control:

  • LPN – License Plate Numbers
  • Replenishment – batch and real time/on demand
  • Cycle counting and inventory control
  • Value Added Services and Kitting
  • Status control

Outbound activities to include:

  • Order Processing
  • Shipment and Wave processing
  • Cartonization, Packing, Staging
  • Loading and dock management
  • Shipping documentation
  • Task interleaving
  • RF/Wireless support of all warehouse activities
  • Voice driven activities
  • Dynamic Route Planning


  • Flexible Setup using billing agreements
  • Ad Hoc charges
  • Integration with accounting packages
  • Advanced Reporting

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