SaaS WMS, Transport, Routing, e-POD for SME companies

Made4net offers SaaS WMS, Transport Management, Dynamic Routing, e-POD and several additional modules in a Cloud deployment model, freeing in-house resources from routine, day-to-day tasks, enabling them instead to focus on strategic objectives to create and enhance business values and competitive advantage.

It is perfectly fitted for SME market segment, allowing budget and time conscious companies to achieve operational benefits and financial savings in the shortest possible time with typical projects going live in 2-3 weeks!

Our solutions deal with any operational complexity of logistic operations, supporting business processes from simple pallet movements to advance eCommerce & 3PL. Fully integrated transport management software and e-POD app complement our single platform approach.

Courier Companies in SaaS

For growing courier companies that require robust transport optimisation and scheduling capabilities, we suggest to utilise our SaaS CourierExpert module. It’s features address the specifics of courier’s operational process, including warehouse packages sorting,  billing and CRM functionality.

IT piece of mind!

Our Managed Services Team hosts the software applications and hardware infrastructure using enterprise hybrid cloud services to provide customers with best-in-class practices together with the ability to configure and personalize business processes. Made4net customers have ready access to warehouse management, yard management, route planning and delivery and many other available solutions via web browser to achieve the functional benefits of a best-of-breed solution, with less internal IT drain.

Made4net is a leading provider of supply chain solutions with a proven success record working with a variety of domestic and international customers under unique and challenging circumstances. Its differentiator in the marketplace is the unique blend of knowledge, experience, people, processes and solutions comprised within its Managed Services Team to provide effective cloud-based services to a diverse customer base.

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