Faced with shrinking margins, growing costs and new competitors, many wholesalers are offering value-added services to improve customer loyalty and outsourcing core business processes to reduce costs. Made4net’s SCExpert suite is a comprehensive set of solutions for wholesale distributors, including powerful warehouse management systems, transportation optimization and delivery confirmation solutions for those distributors looking for an end-to-end solution. Given the dynamic nature of today’s supply chains, wholesale distributors also appreciate the flexibility of the SCExpert solutions to rapidly adjust to changing operating requirements and strategies.

Made4net helps you boost your company’s performance with up-to-date business information so you can easily and quickly re-configure your inventory levels, adjust your space allocation, change your output schedules and even increase your order handling with just a simple click of the mouse. Full information visibility from the warehouse floor to the back office means you always have your finger on the pulse of your customers’ needs so you can optimize your supply chain and streamline your order processing whenever last minute demands require it.


  • Maximize inventory deployment
  • Cross docking capabilities
  • Enable constant replenishment
  • Optimize facility and labor resources
  • RFID functionality supported
  • Integrated transportation management and proof of delivery
  • Comprehensive yard and trailer management
  • Advanced returns management
  • Robust task management/task interleaving
  • Advance picking methodologies, including strong support for piece picking
  • Labor and resource management
  • Powerful event management
  • Flexible user defined solution

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