Made4net software solution ensures the effective synchronization of work in all areas of the warehouse to complete the fulfillment of orders in time efficient manner, cutting costs and achieving higher level of customer satisfaction. The ability to avoiding Putaway to stock with Cross docking functionality ensures higher output levels in the warehouse and better use of resource.

With the growing interest towards fresh local and organically grown and all-season availability for unique food products and the ever increasing and changing regulatory requirements and demand for organic labeled and non-chemical or modified foods make the grocery supply chain a more critical and challenging operation. The demand for sustainability in the supply chain, provision of freshness, broad selection and implications on health and quality of produced foods are all important aspects of the supply chain and logistics that are key factors in positioning your business above the rest and essential in capturing market and client loyalty.

The quest to deliver quality and ensure freshness coupled with the growing competition from discounted super-stores, the margins are very narrow. To stay abreast your supply chain needs to optimize product movement, eliminate surplus inventory and reduce warehouse lead time to stay competitive and effective operation.

Made4net solutions provides the grocery supply chain with the necessary tools to get the job done right. Armed with an extensive and customizable reporting tool and the ability to view and track in real time every move of your shipment gives you the needed information to protect your business and maintain customer’s satisfaction. Furthermore, Made4net offers the grocery supply chain client, custom integration of solutions made to suit their specific Food and Beverage business.

Some of the benefits and capabilities Made4net provides for this industry:

  • Highly scalable system capable of handling the highest transaction volumes
  • Flexible wave management and order release capabilities
  • Cross dock and flow through processing
  • Powerful task management/task interleaving
  • Multiple picking methodologies, including strong support for piece picking strategies and automation
  • Yard and dock door management
  • Labor and resource management
  • Ticketing
  • Advanced returns management
  • Vendor compliance
  • Order management (strong capabilities for catalog and consumer direct)
  • Transportation management (inbound and outbound)
  • Powerful event management
  • Store delivery confirmation
  • Flexible user defined solution

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