Manufacturing supply chains success require the proper use and handling of raw materials and finished products in a production environment. Made4net solutions manages every process of the manufacturing supply chain from labor and inventory to transportation and distribution, providing increased visibility and productivity.

Fast response to the client’s needs coupled with the support of suppliers and vendors alike are the key to a successful high tech supply chain and the vital component to gain the competitive edge in the industry.

With Made4net supply chain components you can:

  • Control the flow of raw material into the production environment
  • Material and labor for BOM and Value-added-services (Product launches, rollouts and promotions) management
  • Quality Control in receiving driven by the a flexible user defined business rules process
  • Manage BOM at all levels
  • Manage supply chain distribution resources with real-time visibility of order, shipment planning and wave picking processes
  • Inventory allocation driven by defined business rules supporting SLAs and unique customer requirements
  • Advanced yard management and appointment scheduling

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