Consumer goods manufacturers and distributors are often under pressure to reduce supply chain costs and improve customer service. Made4net’s SCExpert™ provides the flexibility that consumer goods across various segments require via advanced WMS, TMS and POD capabilities, and enables them to gain competitive edge.

Our integrated solutions will enable you to support a demand-driven supply chain, so you can improve customer satisfaction, increase profits and lower inventory levels even as you increase the number of retail outlets. You can manage your entire fulfillment life cycle and gain complete visibility into demand across multiple order channels to help reduce inventory, fulfill orders accurately and improve service levels. With the growing interest and requirements for RFID within consumer goods companies, Made4net offers a fully enabled cross process RFID support, providing a platform for achieving internal ROI while meeting compliance requirements.

The SCExpert™ solution for CPGs includes:

  • Sophisticated inventory control: lot, batch, FEFO and expiration date management, etc.
  • Dynamic routing and transportation management
  • Flexible inventory allocation rules
  • RFID support
  • Powerful task management/task interleaving
  • Building pallets by item mass / strength
  • Reduce Errors
  • Yard and dock door management
  • Value-added processing
  • Retail compliance (labeling, documentation, PTI, GS1, EDI)
  • Optimizes facility and labor resources
  • Completely integrated voice technology support
  • Mobile applications for route drivers
  • Order management
  • Powerful event management
  • Flexible user defined solution

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